What to do with Garlic Scapes

Back when I did a food blog, one of my favorite “segments” I did was “I have [insert vegetable or fruit] now what?”.  I usually would include a recipe that I had created then add some links to other recipes with the ingredient.

I don’t have time to recipe develop anymore.  And I have no intention of turning this space into a food blog.  But I want to gather information about recipes I find interesting with a specific ingredient.  Today I’ll start with a springtime delight, garlic scapes.

Garlic scapes are the flower stalk of hardneck garlic.  They are harvested prior to the more common garlic bulb and have a lovely strong garlic flavor.  I was first introduced to these green tangles at the farmer’s market a few years ago.  They are one of those fun seasonal items that can mostly be found in late spring or early summer.


How to use garlic scapes

  • Chop and add raw to salads (especially the younger softer stalks
  • Chop and saute.  Add to omelets, stir fries or sauteed greens.
  • Make a pesto, either entirely with the garlic scapes, or mix in with normal greens (just skip your normal garlic bulb)
  • Grill a whole scape and top a burger or sandwich with it
  • Chop up and add to salad dressing


A few recipes of interest

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