When weather interferes

While not really prepared, I was really excited to participate in my first triathlon since 2003.  I had only signed up 2 weeks before the race, but was encouraged by my preparations.  I knew I would finish the race, but wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it enough to make some 2018 triathlon goals.

I was going to be participating in the 1/4 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 2.7 mile run of the circle triathlon on Sunday September 3rd.

But earlier in the week I was looking at the weather forecast and noticed that Sunday looked questionable.  It looked like the only crummy day of a beautiful labor day weekend.  Rainy and cold, especially by early September in New Hampshire standards.

Between the hilly bike ride and the narrow shoulders, the race team decided to cancel the race rather than risk the safety of athletes, volunteers and safety staff.

I understand their decision.  The race attracts a fair number of inexperienced triathletes.  I was already a little nervous about the downhills on the road bike I was going to borrow.  I can’t imagine trying to control it on a 14% down grade in the pouring rain.  The organizers want people to want to come back.  Not be miserable in 50F weather after a swim.

But the cancellation leaves me in a little bit of a goal rut.  The Circle Triathlon is now a 2018 goal.  I need to come up with a new short term goal ASAP.

By the way, I was up in Ashland with my kids today (why change our plans to go to Squam Lake Nature Center).  It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day.  It’s so hard to imagine that tomorrow won’t be a gorgeous day too.

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