YouTube workouts I’ve loved

YouTube can be a huge waste of time, but it can also be a great resource for free workouts. I live in a pretty rural area, so although I am a member of a gym, I don’t frequently go during the week. Getting to the gym and back is probably about a 40 minute commitment. 

My home exercise set up includes a treadmill, a rowing machine, yoga mats, some kettle bells, and a few other miscellaneous items.  I did buy a inexpensive suspension training system (think TRX) off eBay recently and it’s helped expand my range.

To try to keep things interesting I’ve been trying more YouTube exercise videos.  Here are some I have enjoyed:

  • Blogilates  – is a Pilates powerhouse on YouTube.  She has a ton of free videos online, and sells premiums such as PIIT28.  I did a round of PIIT28 1.0 before having ankle surgery this year.  Every video I’ve tried has been well made and is short enough to squeeze in when your short on time.  Here’s a video example of a PIIT workout.
  • Celest Pereirais my favorite online yoga teacher.  I may subscribe to yoga download just so I can take her classes.  She has a few free workouts on YouTube including this one for weight loss yoga.
  • DoYouYoga – is a social yoga website with many different instructors. They also have that challenges where you complete the series of classes for a badge.  The free challenges on their site are available on YouTube. Including a 30 day challenge with 10 minute classes and a 30 day beginner series.

  • Barre Fitnesswhen I had more time to go to class, I really enjoyed taking a barre classes.  This YouTube channel provides some short barre workouts to squeeze in fitness (or use the playlist function to make your own longer workout)
  • Sparkpeople – I can’t believe how old are these videos are. These are some of the first YouTube exercise videos I ever did. I think they are still relevant. Here’s a playlist of Lower body exercises which includes one of my favorite 6 minute butt workout.

I’m sure I could link to plenty more.

What YouTube exercise videos do you love?

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